Call for Papers : Green Lifestyle TV Panel

Abstract deadline : 13th March 2009

Proposed Panel on “Green Lifestyle TV” for Big Reveal II : Lifestyle TV Conference, University of Brighton, UK, 29-31 May 2009, in association with Science and Environment Communication Section, ECREA

This proposed panel aims to discuss the recent growth in ‘green’ lifestyle television. It does so in order to explore how issues of sustainability and ‘green’ consumption are being promoted through lifestyle TV, and to interrogate how the concept of lifestyle is being used in the televisual communication and promotion of sustainability and environmental issues. The panel asks, how is consumption being framed ; how are nature and environment being represented ; how are issues of place, space and mobility being addressed ; who has access to a green lifestyle ; and how is citizenship being (re)framed through a greening of lifestyle ? In doing so, the panel seeks to question the relationship between citizenship, consumption and power in the televisual promotion of green/sustainable lifestyles.

Possible topics may include (but are not restricted to) :

  • Children, youth and green lifestyles
  • Green makeover shows – green renovation ; green fashion ; green food
  • Green economy, entrepreneurial ship and the green citizen-consumer
  • Environmental citizenship in the context of lifestyle discourses
  • Gardening, domestic spaces and local environments/lifestyles
  • Green celebrities and consumer culture
  • Green consumption and the question of sustainability
  • Green travel and lifestyle
  • Silence/absences/contradictions within green lifestyle TV

Proposed papers that address any of the aims of the panel are welcome. International academics from media and communication studies, television studies, critical theory, cultural and gender studies, anthropology and the social sciences are welcome to submit an abstract.

Please send abstracts to Julie Doyle, by 13th March 2009

Big Reveal II Conference website :

Panel organizer and chair : Dr Julie Doyle, Co-organiser of Big Reveal II Conference and Vice-Chair of Science and Environment Communication Section, ECREA