Modus Operandi


The Science and Environment Communication Section is an integral part of ECREA and exists under its authority. The Section is independent in its decisions and in its strategic direction, except insofar as it  must comply with ECREA Statutes and the policies and decisions of the Executive Board.


The Section is constituted by all ECREA members who express interest in joining the section.

Interest can be expressed by contacting the Chair of the Section via e-mail or mail, or by registering at a Section event.

Section membership renewal is automatic upon renewal of ECREA membership.

Management Team

The Section Management Team consists of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the section.

The Management Team is accountable for its decisions to the Section Business Meeting and to the ECREA Board.

The Management Team is responsible for the yearly report to the ECREA Executive Board. The Management Team is chosen every two years. A simple majority of votes is required. The maximum term for members of the Management Team are 6 consecutive years.

The Section Management Team must inform all its members of the date of elections, by email, at least two months before the event.

Three months before elections candidates can express their interest in running for the position of Chair or Vice-Chair by sending an email or letter to the Management Team.

Results of the voting shall be communicated to Section members as soon as possible after the elections via email or at a Business Meeting of the section.

Business Meeting

The Section will hold a biennial Business Meeting open to all interested ECREA members.

Only Section members qualify to vote at business meetings. Decisions require a simple majority of votes. A Section member may be represented at the Business Meeting by another member by way of a written and signed proxy delivered to the Management Team before the meeting.

The Section Business Meeting is sovereign in making decisions regarding the general direction of the Section and determining current issues to be addressed by the Section. Decisions of the Section Business Meeting shall be communicated to all Section members by email as soon as possible after the meeting