European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) is a learned society of communication scholars devoted to the development of communication research and higher education in Europe.

ECREA is organised into 24 thematic Sections (including the science and environmental communication section), each developing a distinctive field of communication studies, 4 Temporary Working Groups which focus on emerging or underrepresented fields within media and communication studies, and 3 permanent Networks representing specific socio-demographic categories of scholars: Young scholars network (YECREA), Central and East-European Network and Women’s Network.

Driven by volunteer work of over one hundred Section, Temporary Working Group and Network Chairs and Vice-Chairs, and eleven-member Executive Board, ECREA is an association with strong bottom-up organisational culture, where various projects and ideas are emerging and materialising through creative energy and enthusiasm of our members.

Every ECREA member is expected to join one thematic section.

More information and news on ECREA’s work, events and publications can be found on its website: ecrea.eu