PCST 2012 session on professionalisation of science communication

Dear all,

Following other invitations for PCST 2012, we would like to get in touch with researchers and practitioners involved in the professionalization of science communication.

We want to propose a session (or maybe two sessions) on the importance of professionalization in achieving higher quality science communication. Professionalization of science communication practice forms the core of our science communication research at Delft University of Technology.

We would like to discuss topics such as : criteria for professionalization concerning processes and actors, alignment of practice and science communication education programs, designing instruments such as decision aids to support science communication professionals and how to deal with professionalization in multi-actor networks ? But of course other ideas on the topic of professionalization are also welcome, such as comparisons with professionalization in domains like science education.

During the sessions we would like to prepare the outline for a journal article that describes a future development in which practice and theory of professionalization may cooperate in a more profound way to enhance the science communication practice and theoretical reflection.

In our search for criteria and topics that can form the basis for a future program we like to move between presentations and reflections on these presentations. To accommodate all this we will get in touch with participants ahead of the meeting at PCST-12.

If you are interested in contributing to the sessions please let us know about the topic you would like to contribute. Please send an e-mail to m.c.a.vandersanden@tudelft.nl before July 31. We like to encourage participants from industry to participate.

Best regards and thanks in advance,

Caroline Wehrmann Ann van der Auweraert Nick Verouden Maarten van der Sanden

Science Education & Communication Faculty of Applied Sciences Delft University of Technology The Netherlands

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