Frenemies : The Love-Hate Relationship Between Science And Society

September 14th 2011 De Waaier University of Twente

Science is put in the dock, so it seems. Experts are under attack, there is public agitation on the internet. Yet we cherish expertise as never before, and cite expert sources whenever they suit us. Are we friends, or enemies, or both ?

Contributions from : Jonathan Potter (Loughborough University) Arie Rip University of Twente Klasien Horstman Maastricht University Jan Staman Rathenau Institute Cees van Woerkum Wageningen University

This symposium looks at the dynamic role of expertise in our society. How should we understand the notion of expertise ? What operates as credible expertise, and when ? Is scientific expertise overrated, and are other forms of expertise too easily dismissed ? Or is it precisely the other way around ? And what, if anything, does this mean for communicating science and technology ?

Organised by : Hedwig te Molder University of Twente – Wageningen University Tsjalling Swierstra Maastricht University

Attendance is free of charge.

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