Call for Papers: Conference sessions on Communicating Climate Change of the Planet Under Pressure 2012 Conference

Call for papers

Abstracts for presentations and posters are invited by 16 September 2011 for the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference, London, 26-29 March 2012. The preliminary conference programme has been added to the website and includes details on some of the plenary speakers who will present at the conference :

We are organising one of the conference sessions on Communicating Climate Change, and would like to invite submission of abstracts for a presentation or poster.

The session will discuss what is currently understood about engaging diverse publics, with an emphasis on communicating science and policy processes, risk and uncertainty, and directions for future engagement. Our purpose is to assess and analyse how the science and societal implications of climate change can be better communicated by the research and policy communities. How can we enhance interest for new knowledge about climate change ? How can we be effective in communicating what is and what is not known ? What are the implications and outcomes of communication for societal, lifestyle and behaviour changes ? Further details of the session and how to submit an abstract are available at :

Alongside the PuP session, we will also be organising a panel discussion and workshop on Communicating Climate Change, the previous evening. The event will be open to journalists, communications specialists, researchers, and members of the policy community who are working to improve public understanding and debate of environmental change issues. More details of this side-event will be circulated in due course.