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Science and the Public 2010

Call for Papers : Science and the Public 2010

Imperial College & Science Museum, London. 3rd and 4th of July 2010.

Now in its fifth year, the Science and the Public conference aims to bring together the various strands of research which consider science’s relationships with groups generally called ‘the public’. Delegates come from a wide range of disciplines : science and technology studies, history of science, geography, psychology, cultural studies, media studies, sociology, development studies, English literature, science policy studies and more.

Keynote Speakers : Professor Mike Michael, Goldsmiths, University of London, and Professor David Edgerton, Imperial College, London.

The range of topics covered may include (but are not limited to) :

* PUS, PEST, PR. * Surveying public knowledge and attitudes. * Science and the arts (including science fiction). * Science, publics and personal identity. * The role of industry and/ or the third sector in public engagement and scientific research. * The challenges of ‘upstream’ engagement. * Popular science and professionalization. * Specific public-science issues : e.g. climate change, MMR, energy policy, GMOs. * Studies of specific media : e.g. film, books, the internet, museums, radio. * Science, religion and the ‘New Atheism’. * Politically engaged scientists. * Churnalism vs. investigative science journalism. * Edu-tainment. * Scientific advisers, spin and secrecy. * Patients and publics in health services. * Science and the sceptics. * Amateur science.

Potential contributors should email a 300 word abstract to by 1st March 2010. Please include full contact details (name, affiliation, email) of all authors.

Panel proposals should include a panel abstract and individual abstracts for each of the papers on the panel as well as contact information (name, affiliation, email) of the presider (moderator) and all panel members.

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