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SIRCOME, the website dedicated to reflection on environmental communication

Climate change, pollution, energy, landscape, biodiversity, deforestation... Environmental preoccupations are everywhere today in the public forum, visible in public expectations, politicians’ positions, industrialists’ actions, associations’ mobilization.... This multiplicity of discourse tends to make the understanding of issues related to ecology and sustainable development even more complex.

With this website, our intention is to gather together and publicize analyses enabling readers to better understand environmental communication : identify the different actors in the field, clarify the stakes involved, take perceptions into account, etc. The composition of our working group (see section Contact us) ensures that various data are presented : results of studies and research, reviews of books and articles, announcements and reports of conferences, campaign analyses, examples of communication materials, etc.

Therefore SIRCOME is aimed at those responsible for environmental communication or simply interested in the topic : researchers, teachers, environmental communication officers in industry, civil society organizations, local communities, the general public... In this way, we aim to contribute to building best practices in environmental communication.